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Thread: People acting hard online, games, forums, blogs, etc. WHY??

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    People acting hard online, games, forums, blogs, etc. WHY??

    Lately I've experienced a lot of people trying to be nails on the net. More specifically people tryin to act like they bang but really don't. By spelling there words without a "ck", or avoiding using c, b, u get the point. I wanted to know all your opinions on this, and why u personaly think people do this? (I'm not saying everyone online that does this is fake, I'm just saying most are) and if some u actually do rep I wanna know what u think about this as well, from a first person perspective

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    Cause dude, everyone can be a dick/ bad ass/ pimp shit/ cool beans/ or what ever their fantasy that they can't pull off in the real world because they are something nerdy lol but anywho...

    gives them a chance to be fake. Everyone is cooler online

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    Haha true bro. Most these kids make me laugh actually, cause they think gang shit is something to joke or play with. But in all actuality is pretty serious

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    Welcome to the internet.

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    lol i laugh when i see people spell like that. so retarded, yet they think theyre so cool when they do it im sure

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    I know it takes more effort to even type shit that way

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    Because the internet is the Nerds domain. You're in their territory now.

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    i hate wen people type like that lol

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    The only thing worse than that is people typing like they talk. "Ayo, wut up in dis peece blah, blah, blah." Annoying as all hell. I figure all of us speak with some sort of accent, flavor or whatever adjective you want to use but type so people can read it without catching a migraine. But as far as the original, I agree. IG's (internet gangstas) bug the shit out of me. Try gaming online, it's 100 times worse.

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    some ppl think the internet IS all fake. everyone saying they have a different life than in reality, so it is all a game to them. i suppose some of it is true however, me....i TRY to be as real as i can be at anytime. the internet can be used in positive ways as well as negative. we're in a time of transformation with technology. to some it's a tool or pass time. to others it's all a big joke. ???????? they don't believe the reality of it.

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