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Thread: Carter 4 Tracklist Leaked........

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    Carter 4 Tracklist Leaked........

    Number 10 is the one with tech....

    Here is a look at the leaked tracklisting:

    <em>1. Tune This</em>

    <em>2. Team Player - feat. Birdman</em>

    <em>3. Fore Play</em>

    <em>4. They Love Me - feat. Drake &amp; Nicki Minaj</em>

    <em>5. John (If I Die Today) - feat. Rick Ross</em>

    <em>6. No Competition</em>

    <em>7. Holy Grail (History) - feat. Kanye West</em>

    <em>8. Carter Cash - feat. Jay-Z</em>

    <em>9. 6 Foot 7 Foot - feat. Corey Gunz</em>

    <em>10. Play My Game - feat. Tech N9ne</em>

    <em>11. Anne - feat. Swizz Beatz</em>

    <em>12. Street Life</em>

    <em>13. Hard Talk - feat. Bon Iver &amp; Game</em>

    <em>14. Fall From Grace - feat. Eminem</em>

    <em>15. Brain Dead - feat. Gucci Mane</em>

    <em>16. No Trust</em>

    <em>17. Maybe She Will - feat. Drake &amp; Rick Ross</em>

    <em>18. My Leg acy</em>

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    Anyone kno what the next single will be off this? Ill bet fall from grace.

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    thats awesome hes got bon iver on the album... its kinda copying kanye tho haha, cause he did that.

    kinda wish tech would work with bon iver, the lead singer justin vernon, whos getting all kinds of attention from the beautiful album he created, lives only like 2 hours north of me in wisconsin, he took a haitus from life and went into the woods for 3 months and just wrote his life.

    for anyone who doesnt know bon iver.

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    this is old for real

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    Has everybody lost their fucking minds? Jay z? Gucci mane? Where's "Waynes World"? Nickis verse for "Tragedy" already leaked.

    2 Rick Ross collabs? Plus this, -----Also, the tentative tracklist may not be entirely valid. One of Weezy's go-to producers shed some light on its authenticity.

    "Wayne and I did a few records together, but none of the track names in the tracklist look familiar."

    I got money says this shit is fake.

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    Hahahahaha he made a song called Brain Dead featuring Gucci Mane. How ironic. Wayne is a genius for that.

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    I don't like wayne but that tracklisting makes me excited to listen to his album Tech Eminem kanye and jay-z are all in my top 10 big ups if this is legit. oh by the way Game, Gucci, Drake, and Rick Ross are some of my least fav's lol

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    If this is the official tracklist that leaked it should shape up to be a pretty colossal album to say the least. Of course I can't wait to peep the song with Tech but aside from that the only features that I'm not excited about at all are Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, and Birdman. The rest will at least be able to hold their own for this huge release. I mean we already know that Nina's segment will without a doubt be the pinnacle of C4, but I'm still curious as to what Weezy has in store for the rest of the cut. I also think it's kind of ironic that Play My Game follows right after 6 Foot 7 Foot. Hmmm...

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    So tech made lil Wayne play his gamelol

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