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Thread: tha carter 4 pushed back to june

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    How convienent for Lil Wayne...

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    Damnit, i was hoping it would come out before All 6s and 7s so that Tech's name could get out there more beforehand. Looks like thats not gonna happen now

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    Trae da truth comes out same day as techs 6s and 7s......tha niggas is finally coming along but is murdering the game. good music this year underground fuck the industry ...BTW techs done with the fame by now he's in his late thirtyslol.....technicians are forever

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    Its gonna be on the same day as Tech...

    AAAAND hes gonna talk big shit that his single is called 6'7" and it drops on 6/7...haha

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    First this lil bitch makes a song call 6's and 7's then he pushes his album FUCK WAYNE....I've never liked him and I WILL NEVER LIKE HIM....fuck the whole young money except for the thick shit cuz she is sexy as shit ( the one with the nose ring).. hope his album goes triple wood.

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    I didnt see anything in there that said it was droppin on 6/7. It actually said it was pushed to june indefinitally which could mean anything

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    if anything this will help tech out cuz after techs 6/7 drops anytime they search or play waynes song 6/7 techs song will pop up and prolly get more plays.

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    ^This lol, KILL WEEZY

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