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Thread: What was the song that convinced you that tech was the greatest mc?

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    What was the song that convinced you that tech was the greatest mc?

    For me it was hope for a higher power. I had never heard someone challenge religion with such a compelling argument to the point I question my own beliefs. But what song was it for you?

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    Honestly it was the first track I had ever heard from him, "Stamina" and my jaw dropped on the floor, it was followed by "Be Warned" and from that day forward I knew he was the king (the clown and the g homie)

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    I'd say the first few songs I heard. Either industry is punks or here comes tecca nina

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    come gangsta

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    This Ring that was one of the 1st times I ever heard Tech n that blew my mind!

    Seeing This Ring Live is awesome!

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    Riot Maker for me

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    first time i heard tech was a cencered version of "the beast" on like madden 06 i think. i started to look him up and the song that got me hooked was probly eintsein or the industry is punks.

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    It's Alive - Second song I ever heard by him (Psycho Bitch was the first) But it stuck, Love that song then and now

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    I think seeing what he looked like drew me to him. I heard about him a few times then some dude in prison talked my ear off about tech. He showed me the anghellic cd and I knew Tech would be dope. He didn't have the cd so when I got out I looked up some stuff and absolute power was one of the first songs I heard. After that, all his shit just goes to show he's the best rapper of all time.

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    trapped in a psychos body. first song i heard. everythings dope though

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