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Thread: Fastest but CLEARIST rappers ever!

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    Fastest but CLEARIST rappers ever!

    whats up yall chek us out first performance of our trak "Wartime" any n all feedbak is appriciated much luv

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    I couldnt' really understand y'all in that video, but that's just because of the recording. Shit was pretty hyped up, though. Sounds good, at least. Definitely checking out some more videos.

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    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn that was mind-blowing.

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    Shit goes hard!!!

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    Goes hard as fuck, but ima be honest. I could hardly understand any of the lyrics. Definitely sounds like you're spittin' some straight fire though mang.

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    Tech N9ne & Twista are what you explained lol.

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    This Dude Raps To The Same Beat And Kills It

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    maybe if i could hear the lyrics it sounds quiet liike covered by the beat.

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    Whats up bro ive been posting some of Haviks music on here 4 a while but every 1 keeps haten on ya'll. I think Ya'll r some talented mutha fuckers keep it up!!

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