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Thread: Immortal Technique & Tech N9ne!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Immortal Technique & Tech N9ne!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me why the hell they have not done a song together?? I mean i know that Tech has a choppy and Technique has a more straight forward grunge type flow. But they are both inde and could kill a track together. It would be history for underground rap.

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    I mean come on
    he's bad ass

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    idk i wish they would collab, the beat for alucard was supposed to be for him and tech on KOD but it didnt happen

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    @G.K.paypa$tak$ damn. i never knew that, but that song would have compleatly stuck out if the technique was on it. I mean its 1 of my favorites, but with both of them spittin on that it woulda been epic

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    I saw Immortal perform in Santa Cruz a few years back, and at Rock the Bells in 06'...he is very good live....I would like to see him open for tech some day that would be a great pairing....

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