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Thread: 16 Horrorcore Bar Cypher...

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    16 Horrorcore Bar Cypher...

    Let's play a game of 16 bars worth of horrorcore lyrics. Lets see how long this thread will last

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    it's your job to start it off brudda

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    Here we go again I just been struck by lightnin,

    Satan was torturin me in hell he just kept strikin,

    With a blade and a pitchfork its the devil's court,

    Rapin bitches in the ass I love fuckin whores,

    Demonic thoughts are flowin in my mind,

    The clock has just struck midnight,

    So the killin & torturin has just begun,

    I gotta escape while holdin a gun,

    I see the pistols aimin in at the sins,

    But these cath fucks got a lock on our kin,

    I rise up with the ashes they think Im satan and start laughin,

    A demonic laughter in my box system It makes me start snappin,

    At first I strike at the priest and the lords protector,

    I'm not a devil worshipper but demons are in my liver,

    So they make me do these disgustin things before I think,

    It feels like my god damn soul just drown in the sink,

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    16 bar horror story


    your mouth is a zipper and I latched it/

    untold love for a reason its sad bitch/

    you had to see the sinna psycho psyche/

    in action no time for relazin get your nikes/

    cause when I come through I aint playin games/

    honey im here to hunt you see im slayin dames/

    are you havin fun boo you keep sayin names/

    you keep screaming fuck you your making pain/

    in me see You disappeared after you left me heart broken/

    some were sayin How queer What I did to you was unspoken/

    see ho i had to be chockin your vocal coards/

    right When I found out you were so a whore/

    I knew you were talking to other guys/

    you were sexing your own brother why/

    bitch you had interest in incest and im not delayin this/

    im coming after you and your bro's next start prayin kid/

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