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Thread: Worldwide Choppers most anticipated song on the new album?

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    Worldwide Choppers most anticipated song on the new album?

    what song do you most wanna hear off the new album?

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    i want to see a tracklist first

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    i dont care just something...RIGHT NOW HA HA

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    yeah i wanna here that chopper spit shit

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    In general Fuck Food is the most anticipated.

    I'm with whoever said they just want to hear anything from it lol

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    Worldwide, b.o.b and Hopsin track..

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    only if it's done how Tech wants it. if not i honestly could care less

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    Alright this isn't really related to the question but I've heard that the song with Cee Lo has been this true?

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    WWC is probly the most anticipated for technitions, fuck food for the rest of the world

    for me the hopsin track is right behind WWC tho. cant wait to here anything from this album tho.

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