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Thread: Dj Whoo kid beef

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    Dj Whoo kid beef

    okay so i wasn't paying attention around bad season, had my own drama, so i finally listened to it and in the beggining it was talking about some beef with dj whoo kid, whats that all about?

    Q for tech

    Did you really throw some chick in a trunk?

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    Lol @ Question for Tech.

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    get a time machine...set it back like 5 months, get inside, hit the button...and

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    that was talking bout how bad season almost didnit come out cause of a statement from whoo kid about techs fans being white trash it almost didnt come out cause of that but they settled it cause whoo kid said he didnt mean it like that

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    Publicity stunt. Did it for hype

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    Are u serious with the trunk question? Lol

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    i think he really is super serial... i mean he did put this stupid thread

    Quote Originally Posted by kcchiefs2289
    Are u serious with the trunk question? Lol

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    tech said in an interview that "in the trunk" is based on true events, then he looked at kutty and laughed and said i cant ellaborate haha

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    it pisses me off how so many people r just complete closed minded assholes over the internet

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    @ Austin
    hmmmmmm..okay thanks, it sounded way more serious than it was, (to me anyways), i just dont want people beefing with tech, he has other shit to be doing. (6's and 7's)

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