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Thread: Your Favorite Strange Music Tracks?

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    Your Favorite Strange Music Tracks?

    Question for all: What is your favorite song by:
    Tech N9ne?
    Kutt Calhoun?
    Krizz Kaliko?
    Big Scoob?
    Stevie Stone?
    Brotha Lynch Hung?
    Critical Bill?
    Skatterman & Snug Brim?
    Jay Rock?
    Grave Plott?

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    Teh N9ne - truama

    still the best song to date (in my opinion)

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    Tech N9NE - Alucard. Paint A Dark Picture. Fan Or Foe. Killing You. Sorry N Shit. Worst Enemy. Stamina. Einstein. Suicide Letters. Little Pills. That Box.

    Kutt Calhoun - Smiling Faces. Flip It Ova. Killa City.

    Krizz Kaliko - So High. *Bipolar*. In My Dreams. Do Sum'n. If I Ever Go.

    Big Scoob. ----

    Cognito - Outkast.

    Stevie Stone - Midwest Explosion.

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Good Night. Return Of Da Baby Killa. Sooner Or Later. Locc 2 Da Brain.

    Critical Bill -----

    Prozak - Why.

    Skatterman & Snug Brim ----

    Jay Rock - No Joke. Walk With Me. Beat A Rapper Down.

    MayDay ----

    Grave Plott ---

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