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Thread: Prozak Releasing EP May 13th

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    Prozak Releasing EP May 13th

    He said he would be releasing this himself to put some new shit out untill whatever thats holding him back from putting an album out ends sometime this year! can wait!!

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    About time! Too bad it's not a Strange release, since half the shit they're dropping this year are EPs.

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    U know wat the best thing about this is????

    It releases on Friday The 13th! Nice!

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    On My B-day:P

    and yes i was actually born on friday the 13th:P

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    YES i would totally buy that!

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    May 13th for 100% sure nice. Why wouldn't strange just release a prozak ep. Prozak guess can't really talk about it and neither can strange it doesn't make any damn sense to me. I'm guessing its some legal shit regarding his contract with Strange?? To me it seemed like he was gone so it has been a mystery for a long time. Should of released Hitchcock of hip hop a long time ago. Great to hear something is happening.

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    man im almost excited except for the fact that prozak really sucks lol... dang..

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    He's better than Scoob...

    Quote Originally Posted by Z1mM3r
    man im almost excited except for the fact that prozak really sucks lol... dang..

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