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Thread: Hopsin's Facebook Status

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    Hopsin's Facebook Status

    I know this is a dumb post, but 4 those who didnt see it, this shit is funny as hell....

    <h6 ="uiStreamMessage">My ballsack is attached to my when i poop, my sack gets bigger. As u all can see im very bored on the road. I would jack off if swizzz wasnt next to me

    <h6 ="uiStreamMessage">[/h6]
    <h6 ="uiStreamMessage">[/h6]

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    Senior Member Siikez's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    The fuck?

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    yea, the post is strange as

    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez
    The fuck?

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    I knew Hopsin jacked off alot lol.

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    lol heres another one i jus saw....


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    I sure as hell not tried sucking my own dick..... I hope to god Hopsin's not gay.

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    I do not condone sucking your own dick in any way but that wouldn't make you gay. Like when you masturbate, you don't think of it as being gay, but its the same as giving another man a hand job.

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    ^LOL true, Im sure everyone on the sites masturbated before.

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    Hopsins strange. He reminds me of eminem sayin krazi shit like tthat lol

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    He's using gay humour man and I think that's real brave of the guy to do that in a genre of music that is strongly homophobic. Props to you Hop, you've earned more respect from me.

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