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Thread: Black Pegasus, Liquid Assassin, Immortal Technique-Corporate Kill

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    Black Pegasus, Liquid Assassin, Immortal Technique-Corporate Kill

    new stuff from my brother Black P's new album "Brass Knuckle King", ill also post his two other singles from the upcoming album. now its not out yet but i have a copy and hes got a song on there with Liquid Assassin and Kutt Calhoun thats HARD AS FUCK. ill post that as soon as he wants it put out.

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    Dope! Immortal Tech's verse is fire as usual. Cant wait to hear the track with Kutt

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    hell yeah man, should be out soon. song is HARD

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    thanks dude ive been following black p for a while, waiting for this to drop for a while

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    n.p. bro, we got some dates up for him too in the CO so ill post if i can find them on here haha. the whole album is dope tho

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    ok i cant find the links for all the shows but i know that there are album release parties in denver and co springs. hop on his facebook if you want details man

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