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Thread: since tech is digging deeper into the rock scene...

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    since tech is digging deeper into the rock scene...

    Who do ya"ll wanna here tech collab with? hes already mentioned possibly working with system of a down and slipnot. I think Avenged Sevenfold would be sick. M Shadows has crazy vocals and can sing pretty fast. i think that could be pretty legit

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    Serj Tankian with or without system of a down needs to happen!

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    seriously. thats gonna be so sick. the vocals for that song would be amazing

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    It would be hard and creative as fuck but at the same time deep and meaningful

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    if you're a fan of Serj, definitely check out his Elect The Dead Symphony he conducted and performed and sang with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Listening to it is one thing, but watching the videos on youtube is truly amazing.

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    hed pe and tech n9ne

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    hed p.e

    my chemical romance. the only songs i heard from them are famous last words and welcome to the black parade, which i both like, so i'd like to see that

    I'd like Tech to do some rock tracks with King Gordy, Twiztid, Prozak, and/or Hush

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    Linkin Park

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    Is tech gonna collab with rock groups on k.a.b.o.s.h.? or just other rappers rapping to rock beats? anyone kno anything?

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    With the exception if System of a Down, I'd really hope he wouldn't mess with any of those bands; maybe Slipknot if they got rid of the lead singer, and didn't let them write the song...and I don't think he'd be caught dead with some sissy soft shit like My Chemical Romance, are these the things people consider rock these days? They're all the main reason I've become more into the rap scene, ever since "Emo" became genre rocks gone to hell.

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