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Thread: Help if you could

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    Help if you could

    Im trying to get on the the Brotha Lynch show for Spokane Wa, imma youngin on the grind (

    If u could hit up Lynch on facebook,Twitter,Myspace whatever askin to put me(Slaughter-Face) on the show i would REALLY appreciate it if u have the time thank you an if not still thank you for looking at this post!

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    No one is going to answer this with anything helpful. So I'll just give you a heads up real quick. Lynch has absolutely NO control over who opens for him at any of his shows. Once the tour is booked with whoever he is taking on the road with him, he's done. So sending messages to his twitter/myspace whatever, would do absolutely nothing. I doubt he even reads any of that shit.

    To get on the show you have to find out what venue he is playing at, and who is the promoter for the show. The local promoter is the one who usually selects the openers.

    And most club promoters are fucking MASSIVE douchebags. So good luck kid.

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