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Thread: What is the Hostile Takeover Sampler??

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    What is the Hostile Takeover Sampler??

    I see it on ebay all the time but they never have a track list.... what's on it? where'd it come from? I'd hate to think there's any Strange Music shit I ain't heard yet!

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    It's an older sampler from the Hostile takeover tour in 2004 or so. Maybe earlier.

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    i aint got it so i dont know for sure. but its just a sampler so its probly shit that was about to come out. youve probly heard the stuff on it.

    but like i said dont trust me cuz ive never heard it

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    Its a tour sampler from back in the day

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    I just saw it. I thought someone made it as a fake for this tour. Now I see it was from the old Hostile Takeover Tour. I wonder what's going on with the samplers for this year.

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