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Thread: Ideas for A Short Film?

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    Ideas for A Short Film?

    I wanna make/direct a short film related to a strange music "song"

    any ideas or songs?

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    Both excellent choices, as far as story wise though my thought would be "it was you" by prozak that story was amazing and visually sick

    Quote Originally Posted by Roan
    Strange Music Box, K.O.D., One Good Time

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    This Ring! you have many options to go with on this song.

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    i like this idea.

    now i gotta get my friends on this.
    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    demons/alucard/in the trunk/pinnochio/kod/the warning to start it all off/psycho bitch 2?/t9x/trapped in a psychos body/ real killer/worst enemy/slither/it was an accident/killing you/the martini/some others.

    use bits and parts of each. all dark and fucked up. brotha lynch-ish but not really..... keep it at a 50% level of lynch. maybe have the king, clown, and G all with different s of living- using songs from above and then some for the different lifes of each. have flash/caribou lou/ party songs for one of em (clown?)... dark sick songs for another (the G), and some kind of bragging type tech songs for another as the king? have em all leading seperate lives but kinda throw it to a crossroads between all 3 where they become connected at the end either through the same female or a place or roots or something. if i knew how to animate shit or if i was tech n9ne or travis o' i would have already made this. the little short film kanye did for runaway was weird but unique and cool to watch especially the first time. ive never listened to kanye that much since his "through the wire" days when i was in 6th grade....? i know its not one song i listed but a short film would need more than one song. do it up.

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    im thinkin it shoudl start like the start of the "sleeping beauty" song.

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