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Thread: Sickology 101 (Official Post)

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    Sickology 101 (Official Post)

    Hi, I just figured I'd make a official post where people could come to write a verse and have other people criticise it. Kinda like working on your ryhming craft, Ability, and what not.

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    Here i am starting a Sickology 101 post

    yes its me Jimmy Nims the Host

    Bordem is what brought this

    I hope alot of you spot this

    Only gonna make a 6 bar verse

    Let's see what you got to disperse

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    "I shit when I spit and i havent even farted,

    u get hit in ur lip mothafucka dont get me started"

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    Here i am very bord, and lots of time i can afford

    Gonna write a small verse, strong enough to give a curse

    Gonna see what i can write, bring my lryical might

    Doubt anyone's gonna read this, Ill add you to my long list

    But hopfully one day it'll be history

    Or it might be i tryed and it's a mystery

    Now i got writers block

    That shit can suck a cock

    Gotta find a way to knock it away

    So then lyrically i can spray

    Come on now any day, would be okay

    I think i got something

    uuh, turns outs its basically nothing

    cause right now im really sucking

    Ill save your eyes the punishment, i have just now done enough of it

    nows its someone elses turn

    Lets see what we all can learn

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    I got that sick flow you should know

    i cold spit these lyrics off my toung making ppsl ear drums go numb

    bitch hear i come going hard in the paint main fuck that wack-uh lame

    im straight hardcore status bitches dont seem to manage what is played and what is put away

    ya'll must be derrange main your music reeks of shit stains

    now put that mic down you making me frown

    with that lame music you've been throwing around. i got that viscous sound so you motherfuckers

    be ready for me to put shit down

    haha wrote that shit in math bored as fuck

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    yall make corny music like a soft porno

    this is a hot delivery this aint fuckin digiorno

    i really mourn those that are sleepin on me

    cuz im killin em off here's ur blanky now count sheep homey

    i betcha if i cut u up u wouldnt bleed ur phony

    bout as fake as that powder shit in a box of cheese macaroni

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    I'll hide in your closet waiting for you to get home you show up then fast as a rocket i hit you in the dome. Tie you up make you eat baking soda, drag your ass into an asian pagoda make you drink vinegar and have you explode like a volcano then i'll hide in the darkness leaving visible only my red eyes like kaino. You lied when you said you were indivisable cuz now your guts and liver are falling from the sky like ash and cinder causing everyone around the world to shiver.

    I'm a rapper i wrote that in like 10 minutes I welcome feedback good or bad

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    yall betta get ready cuz we on our way,

    gettin more ladies than Marvin Gay

    How we gonna slay? well its hard to say

    we come with the rough stuff, we hardly sane

    But i just wanna feel like im ready to kill

    gotta run up on the party on bacardi and pills

    but i bet if i chill, i can level the feel

    well chedda make it betta and we settle the deal. BITCH!

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    you all suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DYSFUNCTiONAL
    you all suck.

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