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Thread: XV - "The Rabbit Hole"

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    XV - "The Rabbit Hole"

    So this track is from a mixtape he released all the way back in 2009, but I've just recently begun to really get into Vizzy and this song is dope as hell.

    AND come to find out he's from Wichita, Kansas...which makes sense since 'Seven' produces a lot of his shit. I also saw an interview (maybe Mr. Peter Parker?) where XV says something about Tech's stage presence inspiring him to bring that kind of energy to his live shows, but I can't find that vid at the moment! Anyways, cool shit. Check it out

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    glad to see another XV fan on here.

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    For sure! And since his music is fairly new to me I'm LOADED with mixtapes to jam til 'kid with the green backpack' comes out...and apparently he's droppin another mixtape on the 15th or somethin??

    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai454
    glad to see another XV fan on here.

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    yes it's called zero heroes

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    I thought that I would be the only fan of XV on this site, seeing as how different XV and Tech's s of rap are. I found out about XV like 6 months ago now, and got all his mixtapes. I love that dude, no homo. He is so unique and represents all of those "Uncool" peps out there. Simply amazing and the next big thing in the game for sure! If I was to explain him, I would say he is like CuDi not on drugs. Lyrically he is a genius too.
    And yes, he is coming out with a new mixtape on April 15th called Zero Heroes. The first song leaked off it today. Go to his Twitter and he has a link for the Download. Can't wait for the KId With The Green Backpack album to drop later this year!

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    And all of Se7en's production on that shit is top notch!

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    damn right!

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