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Thread: Look at this just look at it please look just look at it

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    Look at this just look at it please look just look at it

    this dude wants 200.00 for this is it worth it?

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    i have no idea how valuable vinal shit is. idk. there are few things i would spend 200 on though

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    well i remember when the actual CD sold on bay like 1 year ago for 350.00 but this i haven't seen in yearssss especially sealed this is crazy..

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    ay dont be treadin on my bassmaster posts!

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    Dammmmn, I'll have to keep an eye out on where that ends up. Only the 2nd time I've ever seen that vinyl.

    Side note: I have a vinyl of C4 Entertainment ft Tech - Testin'

    Never seen it for sale on ebay, but I really doubt it has much value, lol

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    please send pictures of that vinyl thanks!!

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