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Thread: If u call ur self a fane act like one

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    If u call ur self a fane act like one

    ok So I'm really tired of all these people on here dissin Tech, Lynch and whoever else on here if your a fan than except them for what they do and the music they make for many years now tech has been workin his way to the top and everyone would say "Yo Tech is a beast why ain't he bighger than he is." and Now that he's made to where he wants to be or on his way to being where he wants to be u got people say " Damn Tech Why u sellin out and goin mainstream." Really C'mon People Let the MAn Do His Thing with Whoever he wants to if Your a "TRUE" Fan/TEchnician You Will Support him no matter what he does od who he does it with. I Personally am Hyped up and can't wait till the release of "All 6's and 7's" This is gonna be a big Album For Tech This one's gonna open up alotta of eye's on Tech and show that Dude from the Show Me state is Doin it big. So Like evey one Else Yes imma Post it and Live it Together We Are A Powerfull Force, As One Mind, Body and Soul.

    Let No Evil Enter Nor Attempt, To Reduce Us Because Of The Beliefs We Hold.

    And With This Love Combined With Our Strength, We Ward Off Pain And Stress.

    Technician I Am Wholeheartedly In Life And In Death!

    With that being said i am a Technician till the day i die and to all tha haters out i Just wanna thank you cuz with out you Life would be boring Now Kick Rocks and find someone else to hate on it don't affect us over here... 1 Luv O'yeah Click The Link and Check out the song It's Called "Pioneer" It's From S.M.F.-AD feat. Tech N9ne Off the Bullet Head Sound track Tech has the Last Verse and goes Hard as Hell on it

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    cool story

    fan* btw

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    So you're saying just cause we're fans..we have to support EVERYTHING Tech/Strange Music does? I don't agree with that at all. Also you say it doesn't affect you, but obviously it does. Otherwise you wouldn't be making a thread about it.

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    Having a difference of opinion or dis-liking some of your favorite artists material does not make you any less of a fan imo.

    However, if a person co-signs every little piece of work that their fav artist puts out no matter what ,and when that artist can do no wrong in the said fans eyes , that is called being a stan imo. I think as fans we normal ppl forget that these stars and artists are human also who are capable of fucking up just like the rest of us.

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    im tired of these threads, but ok.

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    Ugh. Reading that post made me want to scream. So many spelling errors, wrong word choices, run on sentences, lack of punctuation. Grrrr.

    But - people are going to talk. People are going to say shit in an attempt to start drama or get people to "side with them". That's what you're doing here, and that's what they're doing. Just trying to stir up opinions in an attempt to "show how much of a fan you are." Let them be. Let them do their thing. You do yours. Tech will do his. End of story.

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    Was there anything of importance up there? I saw a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and my head got dizzy. Good thing Cole put up that adorable kitten to get me back into focus. Thanks bro.

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