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Thread: Will Tech do shows for Soilders?

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    Will Tech do shows for Soilders?

    I am currently deployed to Baghdad Iraq with 2-1 BSTB 1ID out of Fort Riley KS. I am a combat engineer doing route clearance, and we listen to tech before every mission. I have made numerous new fans by playing my music for my fellow soliders every night. We get a couple of celebs to visit over here, but nobody as crazy as tech. I was just wondering if tech would ever consider coming over to iraq to do a show for the soliders over here?

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    your at Liberty huh????? 6-9 Cav. you gotta go threw the MWR or USO people but I doubt they will book Tech & Strange but if they did. that would be one hella of a show over here at Liberty or Victory!

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    well im at taji. but that would be sick! I'll look into it, thanks

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    they might not approve of him coming over here because of his music in all! but they might Chamillionire was here last month! what a horrible rapper in person and he's a douche bag. I lost all respect for that dude!

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    Try to get in touch with Travis or Tech professionally and also get in touch with your people over there. I don't think it'll be any time soon though, Tech has a lot on his plate.

    Stay up guys.

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