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Thread: Need help getting Tech on my campus!

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    Need help getting Tech on my campus!

    My campus is taking a facebook poll and it is a close race between Tech, Mac Miller, and Atmosphere.

    Please vote here to help me out:

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    Senior Member trevor's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    i voted, whats this for.

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    It is a poll by my campus activity board for a concert next year.

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    I voted for Tech.....Come on people help this guy out!!!!!MacMiller is winning by 10 votes!VOTE FOR TECH!

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    Thanks guys

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    I voted. And LMAO at the Tech haters on there. Wow. I couldnt believe it but I saw atleast 8 or 9 comments saying "Tech N9ne is terrible.".......Um yeah.

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    Senior Member JJ diaz's Avatar
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    I sent invites to all my friends that I know for a fact are gonna vote for tech on my facebook, and I also voted. Good luck. Fuck Mac Miller

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    Awesome thanks. Tech is within 5 votes. They haven't said anything about when the voting ends so lets keep this up!

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    3 votes!!!

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