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Thread: HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK...Dessa.

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    Dessa is probably one of the most impressive female rappers/singers I've ever heard in my life. Yes, rapper AND singer. She has a that is so unique and is lyrically brilliant. If you have never listened to her, I would strongly suggest checking out her album, "Castor, the Twin". Dessa is a member of Doomtree. I remember hearing her on a couple of Doomtree tracks like "Drumsticks", but never bothered to look deeper. I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT. DO IT.


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    Edit: Nothing Special. This chck is better.

    Giving a listen and leaving feedback.

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    she's good. i wasn't blown away though.

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    Yeah Dessa is fucking awesome. I got to see her in Sioux Falls, SD last summer.

    Hot damn though..dat voice, dat face and dat body.

    The things I would do to that woman..

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