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Thread: K.Kerr - Smokin On My Spice

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    K.Kerr - Smokin On My Spice

    Fresh Out of The Studio. If you can relate, bump it!

    Feedback is always appreciated. If you wanna hear more, just hit like on K.Kerr facebook music page. Thanks for the love.Im feeling real good about this single!

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    Songs gettin stuck in alot of heads in Cali man. CT bumpin my shit. TX bumpin my shit. VA bumpin my shit. I suggest you do the same. I promise not to disappoint. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!

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    Intro To The Album, "From A Patriot To A Viking," Posted. Listen To Me Sum Out My Life In Around A Minute. Its On The K.Kerr Facebook Page. Download it FREE & let me know what yall think!!!!!!!!!!!

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    SMOKIN ON MY SPICE. IF You Dont Have It On Your Ipod Yet, I Suggest You Fix That! Holla If Your Interested In Collabing!!!!!

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    horrible... this is how u rap

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    Bakardi 151. Your pretty good. I checked out your page. Our s are alot different, so I see what your saying. Ive been gettin alot of postivie feedback with my single, but I appreciate all feedback man. Thanks.

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    I'll only listen if you put it up where i don't have to DL it. And quit smoking that spice. Damn kids. Whatever happened to good old fashion herb? If it grows from the ground, it's probably fine is the rule.

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    Sorry man. I don't want to knock anybody for trying to do something creative, but not really for me. A few things need work, but especially the timing. I'm no expert or anything, but I hope you have a plan B.

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    the hook sounds like a retarded cookie monster.

    are you having a seizure when you rap though?

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    Damn. Well thanks man. Actually Ive been told by over 200+ people that the hooks the best part. As for a Plan B, HAHAHA. I do this shit for fun, so Im still going with my plan A. As for the timing, its a complete different . I make it a point to stop where I do or continue from where I left at a different pace. I mean would you even be on this site it you were attracted to the usual rap flow? Thanks for all the feedback though! Much love

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