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Thread: tech & lynch colab album

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    tech & lynch colab album

    That would b the shit my 2 favorite rappers since way back together!!

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    seriously? go fucking kill yourself

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    i know right. an album called the Search Bar by Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne would be ftw

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    Damn I guess I wrote that backward I'm ment a full length album together like lynch did with cbo doomsday and mc eight

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    NNUTTHOWZE is as close as you'll get

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    Actually, the Lynch & Tech collaboration seems more likely. Lynch has expressed a pretty strong desire to do it, only needing to convince Tech. Nnutthowze involves Sundae, a (not so dope) rapper that isn't on the label. But honestly, I don't think we're going to see any kind of "group" for some time. Tech has said how he doesn't like the group thing, he likes being a solo artist.

    Right now he's building up "Tech N9ne" as a brand, as much as he represents Strange Music and its artists, Tech and the label itself are focused on building on "Tech N9ne" and his success. Once that is done and firmly established, you'll start to see the other artists emerge as well as groups. 6's & 7's might be that break that allows Tech and Strange Music do to something similar to what Young Money did.

    Quote Originally Posted by 56Highland Villain
    NNUTTHOWZE is as close as you'll get

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