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Thread: New Lynch Video......MANNIBALECTER!!!!!

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    New Lynch Video......MANNIBALECTER!!!!!

    Its on Youtube 4 anyone that hasnt seen it yet.I have no fucking idea how 2 post it.But if you do Put that shit up.The ending is gunna blow you away!!!!.....Can't wait 4 the finale.Best Album ive heard in years.COATHANGA STRANGLA.....Buy it

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    Im trying 2 figure out how 2 post it...I got the link from lynch's Facebook page

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    This was dope if you've watched the other videos, if you haven't it won't make a whole lot if sense, the ending was amazing too!!!! Not his son dying, but the overall concept was great

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    There it is....Good shit

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    I didnt really enjoy listening to this song...I cant see what all the hype is about BLH his lyrics are average in this video/song.

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    Is that phenom that he pulls the gun on in the alley in verse 2???

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    yeah it is

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan
    Is that phenom that he pulls the gun on in the alley in verse 2???

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