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Thread: CHS or DAAM

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    CHS or DAAM

    your thoughts on what is a better album.

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    CHS all the way...dont get me wrong DAAM was really good but i think CHS edges it out. imo i like the beats more on this cd and just lyrically lynch kills it!

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    Senior Member zee's Avatar
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    Mmmmmmmmm....DAAM has too much skits...CHS is the Shit.grrrrrrrrr tied to me

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    Senior Member WeezyBellis's Avatar
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    Well I think all the way thru CHS is better. As far as hit 4 hit...bout the same. So glad Lynch got a ton a material comin in the next year!! FUCKING THANK YOU STRANGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    DAAM was the shit before CHS

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    CHS, not only its new shit, but I felt like this album is more suspenseful and more intense as the story continues on

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    CHS did have a better story telling into it. I'm still listening to it I just got my copy of it in the mail. I think it had better lyrical structure in it and the production of it was way better to. I'm not listening to it now Im listening to DAAM right now Im gonna listen to that than CHS so I can get a better concept of the story that plays through it.

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    538 can tell he's getting progressively better in this Trilogy...can't wait for Part 3

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    Yeah def CHS, I like every track, this is lynch's everready imo

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    Senior Member Mizery93's Avatar
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    I havent heard CHS yet...But I dont think lynch could top DAAM though..idk ill see tuesday..

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