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Thread: Favorite track on Coathanga Strangla

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    Favorite track on Coathanga Strangla

    Ok so since most of us have listened to Coathanga Strangla what are some of your favorite tracks on the album so far i like Takin Online Orders, ICU and Friday Night

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    The one where he talks about eating people!

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    But doesn't he... OH! I see what you did there!!!
    -Insert surprised look-

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    My favorite tracks are Spit it out,I'm not perfect,Friday Night,IC U,It Happens. I would liked more first degree the d.e but the song he was on was great. He is also on DAAM alot so no real complaints. I found out how sick of a rapper COS is Spit it out is my favorite song especially his verse in it.

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    besides the obv ones like ICU and T.O.O., i like sooner or later, red dead bodies, look its a dead body, spit it out, friday night, and i dont think my momma ever loved me is dope as well..

    the whole albums good shit.

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    Mannnnnnn...... If I REALLY had to choose.. I'd have to put 3 up and say either Taking Online Orders, Red Dead Bodies, or Look It's A Dead Body (That beat is FILTHY!). ALL OF THE TRACKS ARE SICC THO! I wouldn't wanna choose

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    Sadly I think they are all good and find it hard to pick one or a few that stand out more so than others, But if I absolutely had to pick they'd be..
    Mannibalector, Taking Online Orders, Suicide Watch and Sooner Or Later

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    yeah i agree the whole album is sick i like every song also and it was hard to put 3 i chose lol

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    Spit It Out, ICU, Takin Online Orders, Look Its A Dead Body, Sooner Or Later, Suidcide Watch, Mannibalector, Therapy Session..whole albums fuckin sicc

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    ICU is the illest

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