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Thread: Lil Wayne diss

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    Lil Wayne diss

    Not sure if you all had heard this. I know there are plenty of Wayne haters on this site so I thought I'd share. It actually is pretty dope. If one of you can put the actual video up I'd appreciate it, all I know how to do is put the link up. Here it is;v=XOLkvFLxOL8

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    Damn, that was dope. He tore him apart. I fucking hate Lil Wayne.

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    Yep, he killed it. I also love how the pictures match the song, hilarious.

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    Murrrrrrrrrdered. Fuck Lil Wayne bahaha

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    Never understand why people like wayne. Truth in every bar.

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    DWAMN that was nothing less than amazing

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    That was really dope.

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