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Thread: American Tragedy - Hollywood Undead

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    American Tragedy - Hollywood Undead

    I pre-ordered this shit and it leaked today so got to listen to it before I get my hard copy...SHIT IS SICK. So much better than Swan Songs and danny kicks the shit outta Deuce. So for all you HU fans out there, this is fucknig legit...and if you want something new to listen to, I suggest grabbing this shit up April 5th when you grabbing CHS.

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    Hell Yeah!

    Figured it would be better than SS.

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    think I might have to check that out

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    I'm surprised to see a thread about this on here, I downloaded it 2 days ago and threw it on a CD for my girlfriend

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    HU its cool for all of 5 minutes untill you realize EVERY song is the same as another one of their song

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    Shit is just a Dark Lotus Rip off......made for people that like alternative music,Ive heard a couple tracks,Sounds like a weak version of slipknot

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    I have their first album and it got old extremely quick. I doubt ill check out their second one

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