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    Strange Music is proud to announce the newest addition to its roster - Stevie Stone. Best known to Tech N9ne fans from his performances on the K.O.D. Tour, as well as the standout track "Midwest Explosion" that featured Tech, Stevie Stone proudly carries the torch for Midwest rap. "I'm home" Stone said when asked about how it feels to be signed with Strange, "It's something I've been wanting for a long time - it feels like it was destined to happen. It's a testimony that if you believe in something, work hard at something, that dreams can come true". With an instantly recognizable voice, energetic stage show and impressive lyrical skills, Stevie Stone and Fly Moves Productions definitely found a fitting home with Strange Music. There are definitely big things in the future for Stevie Stone and his crew.

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    Hell ya!!! Stevie is the shit n a congrats to him

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    its whatever for me.

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    FUCK YESS!!! been waitin on this.. Good sign, congrats to Stevie. STRAAAAANNNNGEEE MUSIC

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    been waiting for a long time

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    Dope Strange Music gonna run this shit

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    sicccccccc az fuk

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    Stevie Stone kicks ass but, haven't they said craig or irv or hopsin? so?

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    FUCK YEA!!!! Stevie Stone and Strange Music, WOOOT!

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