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Thread: I want to know some of your fav. Songs post here.

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    I want to know some of your fav. Songs post here.

    I want to get a feel of some good music. I really like rap r&b but I still like to hear soul, funk, jazz,reggae, ical, alternative, rock and a lil techno. I could listen to anything but cant stand to hear country.

    Please post or even list some of your fav. Songs/Albums here. So I could boost up my music library.

    Please and thanks for those that get involved.

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    Shiiiit, Johnny Cash was one of the hardest musicians to ever live. It's a shame the rest of country music didn't follow in his wake.

    Korn- Follow the Leader

    Chamillionaire- Can't go wrong here, i would just get all his shit if i were you.

    Serj Tankian- Elect the Dead

    Lupe Fiasco- The Cool (If you get anything get this album, it's a fucking ic.)

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