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Thread: Is anyone aware of a Brotha Lynch Hung feature on 6's & 7's

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    Is anyone aware of a Brotha Lynch Hung feature on 6's & 7's

    I'm not accurate about Prozak, but I thought Brotha Lynch Hung said he was 6's & 7's on an interview a while ago. I think it was in an interview.. does anyone else know if this is true or false.

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    I thought he said he was on his last ustream

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    "I am at the studio right now working on my verses for Tech N9ne's album, "6's and 7's". About a month after my album comes out Tech's will drop and he has some big hitters on there like T-Pain, Yelawolf, and artists like that. He got me on there on a dark song." - Lynch

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    If you've listened for longer then one album.....even if it comes from techs mouth doesn't mean its happening

    Quote Originally Posted by Roan
    I think your best bet is thinking like this, if it isn't confirmed by Tech, it isn't real

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    You do kinda get the impression that Lynch wouldn't be on there because of the of album he goin for..

    Naw Lynch will be on there and that's why Tech is the illest. Cuz he can do both.

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