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Thread: what will strange drop from july-dec?

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    what will strange drop from july-dec?

    April - CHS
    May - damn fool
    follow me home
    June - all 6s and 7s
    Then we've got...
    Lynch - gas station 2 - ???
    Kaliko - sic - ???
    Kutt - flames deuce - ???
    This bloods for you - ???
    Kabosh - ???
    816 boys - ???
    Think these will all drop this year? The kutt mixtapes yes.
    Kabosh and 816, maybe.
    Think there will be other shit released?

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    Apparently Scoob is already working on No Filter, an ep to drop in the latter half of 2011.

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    Gas Station 2 is Lynch's doing. Madesicc, not Strange.

    Maybe a new Kaliko and/or Kutt before year's end (who knows).

    I don't see Kabosh coming out this year. Likely next but Tech's gotta get around to doing it and time is gonna be tight not only with the next tour, but whatever else that may come out of Tech's biggest album yet!

    Man I really don't think an 816 album is dropping anytime soon, if at all.

    Prozak said new Project: Deadman will be dropping on Strange, so I'm looking at THAT (and/or a new Prozak solo) for this year.

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    I wouldn't be shocked to see a new Tech EP before the end of the year. Lately he seems to drop an EP after an album because he has beats and shit he didn't use. I can't wait for the 816 Boys and Kabosh albums.

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    Not sure if they'll do an 816 boyz album. Anytime soon at least. Hopefully kabosh gets started this year.
    Kutt and krizz might finish a new lp but I don't know. New project deadman would be cool.

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    Busy year, that's AWESOME! i have most of mine bought. haha

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    Didn't Tech say he was gonna put out a NNUTTHOWZE album with Brotha Lynch and Sundae late 2011?

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    what the hell is going on with jay rocks new cd why no preorder for it?? did the date change??

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    PDM this fall

    Hopefully a Prozak album

    KABOSH will probably be like spring 2012, since i know Tech really wants to get it done right

    Kutty will release his mixtape late summer i guess

    Krizz's EP will probably be in July. it's good timing since it's right after Tech's album and it'll gather more attention to him after All 6s and 7s is released

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    Ok, tech must have made a decent amount of cash from his 2 eps because pretty much everyone on strange is droppin an ep this year.
    Kaliko - sic ep 6-28
    European tour dvd 7-12
    Follow me home 7-26
    Kutt - red headed stepchild ep 8-9
    Scoob - No filter ep - 8-30
    Tech - kluster fuck ep - 9-13
    Lynch - halloween night ep - 10-31

    Apparently there is a flyer full of release dates in the new lynch cd.

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