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Thread: krizz kaliko - sic?

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    krizz kaliko - sic?

    Where is it? It was supposed to be dropped in Feb right? Any info?

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    really??? shock treatment, it came out 6 months ago

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    It's supposed to be an EP. Called S.I.C. by Krizz Kaliko of course. It supposed to come out sometime this year. That's all I know.

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    Its an EP bro....meanin only like 5 songs...kalis the one that brought it up

    Quote Originally Posted by jlaw420
    really??? shock treatment, it came out 6 months ago

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    its probly gunna pop up out of nowhere like seepage did

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    Our street team leader says Strange is advertising multiple releases in June with only one announced so far being All 6's And 7's. So maybe it's one of those if anything.

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    I read on his blog that he's trying to wrap it up. The most recent post mentioning sic was around march 15.

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