Does any1 know why Yelawolf and Andre Nickatina are not goin 2 be @ the show in Seattle W.A. on 5-26 and 5-27?? I found this website on & it says they will be at this show on 5-29 in Eugene,O.R. Does any1 know if they are goin 2 be on the whole 6's & 7's tour, or its just for this one day? If u have info please post.

I would like to go to the show in Seattle, but if this is my only chance I could see Yelawolf ,Nickatina with Strange im going to make the long drive to go to Eugene, O.R.


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A beautiful concert venue with a capacity of 5,000, The Cuthbert Amphitheater offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy live music outdoors during spectacular Oregon summers. Located in Eugene, Oregon at the edge of Alton Baker Park near the University of Oregon's Autzen Stadium, The Cuthbert features superb sound, beer gardens, food booths and an environment perfect for enjoying superb music performed live by the best touring bands in the country.

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Tech N9ne <span>Andre Nickatina Sunday, May 29, 2011<span>with Yalawolf; KrizzKaliko; and Cool Nutz opening

<p ="maintext">Advance tickets on sale Friday, April 1 at all Safeway Ticketswest outlets, online at, and the Hult Center Box Office for $38 general admission, which includes a City of Eugene facility fee / parking.[/p]
<p ="maintext">Gates open at 3:30 p.m. Concert starts at 5 p.m.[/p]
<p ="maintext"><em>All tickets subject to service charges and/or user fees.</em>[/p]
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