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Thread: Who Listens to Trae The Truth????

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    Who Listens to Trae The Truth????

    Im NOT making anything of it but his new album Street king comes out same day as Techs All 6's and 7's..... Who gonna cop it??? Imma support both artists cause they both go hard and spit from the heart.... <img width="600" src="" ="align-full"/>

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    hell ya traes gonna wreck that ho! him and tech need to get on a track

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    trae is dope as hell asshole by nature lol

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    Trea Tha Truth Is A Real Motherfucker!!!!Hes Sick as Fuck!!!!!

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    I been saying that for a year now zro and trea need collaborations with all the strange artist asap......real recognized real

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    Paul Wall need to hook trae and tech up

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