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Thread: Our forum may have more power than we think!!!!!!

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    Our forum may have more power than we think!!!!!!

    OK, so I was reading an article about 6's and 7's and read that because of popular demand on this particular forum, Tech and Hop are doing a collab together, now it didn't say exactly the collab would be on 6's and 7's, but definately happening in the near future, Maybe peoples we have more power than we think on this forum, so lets push for something we all beleive in and see if it comes to fruition, post suggestions below!!

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    obviously Tech N9ne and Strange Music know what their goals are and how to get there. The proof is in their success, just in the last year. imo the respect that is shown to the fans, gives a connection with us, in turn spells success. maybe we as fans can pay them back, by getting along ourselves and try to be more understanding towards each other as fans? keep the positive energy flowing. just sayin?

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