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Thread: Tech N9ne - F.U.N.S. (FROM ALL 6'S & 7'S) WHAT U THINK OF IT?

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    Tech N9ne - F.U.N.S. (FROM ALL 6'S & 7'S) WHAT U THINK OF IT?


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    Good; especially for a bonus track. I think tech could of done the chorus without auto tune, but overall very heartfelt and musically nice.

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    i think the search bar should be sampled

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    Yo man big ups to t 9 for this track this is def some straight from the heart shit...fucking dope track man can't wait till the albu
    Bro n I hope I get to c your ass soon.straight up going to take the underground to the top wit this cd for sure. Shit what I'm I saying u should of been on top from the beginning but hey every one has there moment bro n yours is now

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    when i read the title f.u.n.s. i thought you meant a sequel to f.u.n. on kod, but f.a.n.s. is good too.

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    are you shitting me right now?

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    THIS THREAD FAILED ITSELF!!!!!!!! GOOD job dude.... its F.A.N.S... hahahahah LMFAO SMFH ROFFL......

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    This is a bonus track right? Not something that'll be on the album?

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    The Track Is Dope

    It Gives Me The Same Vibe Low Does But More Possitive

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