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Thread: Didn't get F.A.N.S

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    Didn't get F.A.N.S

    Last night I preordered Tech's All 6's and 7's album, and it came off of my card, yet I didn't get the preorder track. Does anyone know what to do?

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    strange music is aware of the problem just read the tech n9ne all 6's and 7's album pre-order now available it'll tell you there

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    keep trying to re-download it

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    Thanks Phatboy and HoFucker. So I assume once the download becomes available again they'll e-mail me? I have yet to recieve any confirmation e-mail haha. I just want to be sure it went through ok, because I never got the e-mail but it took the money.

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    Go to the store and sign in, then go to your account and click on "My Downloads" it should be listed under that.

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    I did, it said I didn't have any downloads available. Also, It's still showing the album in my cart, yet it took my money

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