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Thread: Fan made video for F.A.N.S

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    Fan made video for F.A.N.S

    Just like the title says, this idea came from the "video for F.A.N.S" discussion. I think it would only be right, especially with today's news from Tech about his mom, to show him some love for the song he made for us. So lets do it Technicians! Anyone with live footage, editing skills or anything skill or connection that could help in making a video to show that we all are truly Forever.Accepting.N9ne's.Soul post it here . I feel any person or persons who can edit the video should take full control over peoples submissions of clips and what not but I figured I'd get the ball rolling with a place to make it happen. Keep it Strange and let's help Tech and give him some sun while he's in "the rain".

  2. #2 dude beat me to the punch lol all submissions/suggestions should be directed to the above link

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    hey i kinda beat everyone to the punch =( i want some Fame lol that expect all my idea but in a way

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    haha hey now I said it wasnt my idea I just forgot the exact name of the thread we all started talking about it lol

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