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Thread: All 6's and 7's cover......

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    All 6's and 7's cover......

    so i recently tweeted Tech and asked the following

    technician520 Bloody B @TechN9ne Whats the meaning behind your album cover? Like whats the significance of the vest?? I think the cover is FUCKIN ILL and the song 27 minutes ago Unfavorite Reply Delete in reply to ? and Tech tweeted back

    @TechN9ne Tech N9ne @technician520 its not a vest its a pimped out mike tyson towel and its to expose my scars while still reppin strange! 21 minutes ago via Twitter for Android Unfavorite Retweet Reply

    i dont know how you guys get the actual convo and shit off of twitter this is all i got when i copy and pasted.....

    So what do people think???

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    its growin on me

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    i feel the same way.... He looks like a warrior ready to tear the game a new one

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    lol smh.

    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    cover is the shit. its dark and looks badass. fans is the shit. a unique rapper with a cult following. except we cant go to prison for bein in this cult. i hope tech doesnt have any kool aid packets waitin for us.... HAHAHA. TECH N9NE!

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    he looks like a man in his own world. which is bomb shit.

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    I hate fohawks so i don't like the cover lol but the Tyson towel thats dope

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