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Thread: Does this sound like the Tech song we have been thinking about?

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    Does this sound like the Tech song we have been thinking about?


    So basically, surfing the web and doing nothing, I stumbled upon this. It sounds like it might be the Tech/Wayne collabo that we have been kept in the dark about. I dunno if it is and maybe im completely wrong, but I wanted to pass it along to see what everyone else thought.

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    link dont work

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    i feel its the tech song. was gonna comment on it but pending my add so prob will forget to

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    yea the "three machine-gunning minutes of adenoidal wordplay" makes me think of tech

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    I don't know, i think "adenoidal" refers to Lil Wayne's nasally voice. Also the name of the song is called "Wayne's World," to me that sounds like a title for a solo track but, i could be wrong.

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    I really doubt Tech would be on a song called Wayne's World. This is Tech world everybody, c'mon now.

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