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Thread: Tech N9ne "All 6's And 7's" Album Pre-order Now Available!

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    Tech N9ne "All 6's And 7's" Album Pre-order Now Available!

    pre-order your copy today!

    Due to the immense amount of traffic on, we are aware that some of you have had issues with downloading the exclusive mp3 that comes with the "All 6s and 7s" Preorder. Please be aware that we know of the technical issue, and ALL those people who preordered the album will be receiving an email soon with the valid mp3 download.

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    got that shit!!!

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    Thats a pretty gay cover not gonna lie

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    Got that shit 2

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    SICKEST COVER EVER! whatever the fuck is in his hand is the sicknastiest looking weapon/staff ever.

    whats the exclusive download? is that the song?

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    he did it!

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    fuck yes son

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    at first i thought it was str8 homo but its growing on me a little (no homo)

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