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Thread: Tech talks Nate Dogg on KC NPR

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    Tech talks Nate Dogg on KC NPR

    Interesting show. Tech talks from about 43:40-51:00. Not sure if you can skip up or not because of the format.

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    Yea I wasn't sure. I listened to the whole thing cause it was interesting, but I can see someone not having 40min to listen for a 7min interview lol.

    Talked about the first time he heard Nate Dogg when he was in LA after getting with QD3, and how Nate singing choruses is the reason Tech originally got Kaliko to start doing the same (really interesting story). Talked about his fav Nate Dogg songs. Then talked a little about 6s and 7s, and the features (not really any new info).

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    you can't skip....

    shit sucks.

    what does he say?

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    first song tech heard of nate dogg is are you high yet or indo smoke something like that with guy named mr.grim. has 2 weeks left till hes done with all 6's 7's been in studio every day pretty much from 4pm to 2am. said hes taking hes time even tho he dont have time. nate made tech realize its not bad to have someone like krizz on bunch of tracks with him like dude said reason why hes got krizz

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