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Thread: 10 Reasons Why TONEDEFF Shoulda Been On Worldwide Choppers?

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    10 Reasons Why TONEDEFF Shoulda Been On Worldwide Choppers?

    Love Ain't (1st verse)

    Velocity (1st + 4th verse)


    Case Closed

    Politics (2nd verse)

    Pervert (2nd verse)

    Bang (2nd verse)


    The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour (1st verse)

    Punk (3rd verse)

    Line Drop

    Ninety 5 (3rd verse)

    ok so thats 12 but i couldn't break it down to 10, i specifically only posted up songs on where he raps fast n has a perfect flow on but for all those that are in on Tonedeff music know this guy is just all rounded artist n can touch any +topic, hands down one of the greatest to do it n out right now and his flow is unmatched, i honestly believe he coulda outdone EVERYONE on Worldwide Choppers but the main point of this is to let it be known how much a Tech N9ne & Tonedeff collab is NEEDED cause that'd be musical overdose for my ears with 2 of the best straight killin it on the same track, fingers cross'd this'll happen someday

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    1 reason why he shouldnt be on it = there's already a shit ton of people featured on that song

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