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Thread: tech vs the world

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    tech vs the world

    i just want to know what my fellow tech fans think about the hate that un ignerent skeptics that say tech isnt even in lil waynes bracket . FUCK YOU who ever thinks that tech is better in every aspect of the game other than wayne has a bigger fan base but i would take a tech fan over a wayne fan anyday

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    and no un in that first message

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    Tech and awesome oops there i go again lol. like Tech says, when two different ppl come together, it's a beautiful thang!

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    umm...I like some of Wayne's shit but i am w8in 4 tha carter IV 2drop, & Tech is fuckin ill.

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    im only waitin for the carter for because TECH is featured.

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    A rapper can either kill everything he's on OR he can be at the top of mainstream. Because the fans of hip hop these days are 13 year old girls, in turn, putting Kesha and other analogues artists at the top of mainstream. Weezy rules mainstream rap because he spits shitty lyrics on the radio so the 13 year old girls don't have to think about the lyrics because all they want is a hot beat. When he comes out with his mixtapes thats when he tries and has some nice shit. Then, Tech fans don't like it because Tech fans want to hear crazy flows, lyricism & rhyme scheme. Weezy almost never gives us that because he is a free styling punch line rapper. Punch line-wise, he's hott, Tech doesn't give us that many punch lines (but if he wanted to I'm sure he could lol). So there lies the never ending dispute between the Tech Fans and Weezy fans, they will never agree because they both want 2 different things. Can't wait to hear there collab.

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    Most male white tech fans hate on wayne. That's a fact. I dig both there shit my two favorite rappers. No lie.

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