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Thread: Your Favorite 5

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    Your Favorite 5

    lookin for some new shit to put on my ipod just wondering whats everyones fav artists and there fav album from them, rock rap pop whatever but NO strange please

    1chamillionaire- ultimate victory

    2 ludacris- the red light district

    3 snoop dogg- doggy

    4 dmx- and then there was X

    5 chris brown- fame................dont judge me haha

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    1. Twista- Adrenaline Rush

    2. Pantera- VDOP

    3. Twiztid- Mostasteless

    4. Bone- Eternal

    5. Eminem- Slim Shady

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    Senior Member fuzzy's Avatar
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    ya, dmx, i likes some nappy roots, SNOOP, em and ice cube definately, lud...ya, nate, E40?, dayton family, im not sure...i've been out there, but there is a chick that does a lot of hooks, and my boi isn't very informed on that side, I think it's lil kim? bone thugs ALWAYS, just like the unmentionable

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    Senior Member J3R3177Y's Avatar
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    Curren$y - Pilot Talk 1 and 2

    *both CD's were recorded with a live band

    Arsonists Get All The Girls - Portals

    Conducting From The Grave - Revenants

    Chelsea Grin - Desolation of Eden

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    Hopsin- I Am Raw

    Watsky- Watsky

    Mac Lethal- The Original 11:11 Sessions

    Flobots- Fight With Tools

    Tyler The Creator- Bastard

    If you like Tech, you'll like all of that shit too =D

    Hope I brought something new to ya

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    1. Bone - E1999 Eternal
    2. Krayzie Bone - Thug Mentality 1999
    3. Krayzie Bone - Gemini Good vs. Evil
    4. Bun-B - II Trill
    5. Hopsin - Raw (by far my favorite, since it was released)

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    If I can't pick strange:

    1. Eminem - Eminem Show

    2. Hopsin - Raw

    3. B.o.B - Adventures of Bobby Ray

    4. Tupac - Greatest Hits

    5. Nappy Roots - Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits

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    at the moment, 99% of what i listen to is either strange music or hopsin.
    but i also love green day.

    also metallica

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    1. Atmosphere - Shrapnel

    2. Devin the Dude - See What I Can Pull

    3. The Grouch - Artsy

    4. ?Arch Enemy - Mechanic God Creation

    5. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Maybe I Do

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    Just to give you some rec's and not say what my 5 favorites are...

    Wildcard-Dark Night of the Soul

    Valtiel-Evil Imagination

    Psychodrama-Universal Sessions

    Evil Pimp-Face Da Terror

    C-Mob-Hard Times And Liquor

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