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Thread: BERT - my own music

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    BERT - my own music

    whats good everybody. i used to be on these forums a lot under a different name. i decided i needed to find a way to put out some of my music and remembered that tech's forums had a place to put your own shit. im lookin for feedback on my music. im only 16, doing this shit out of my house, so the quality isn't too good. but here's a song and the mixtape where you can listen to the other tracks and shit, check it out. i said, not the best quality, but i guess the lyrics are what matters. this is also my first shit i ever put out, kind of rushed it a bit and there wasnt much thought behind it as a whole, im putting a lot more effort into a second tape.tell me what you think!!

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    pretty good

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    thanks man, appreciate a lil feedback aha

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    a lil newer shit to check out...

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